• Quad State Exhibition, Quincy Art Center, Quincy, Illinois, USA. 2009
  • Magmart Video Festival, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Casoria/Naples, Italy.  2008
  • In/of Nature II,  Solo exhibition, Finlandia University Gallery, Hancock, Michigan, USA. 2007
  • Forces of Nature, Art Saint Louis Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. 2007
  • Aesthetics of Stone & Rock conference, Luontokeskus Ukko, Koli, Finland. 2007

Created in Koli National Park, Finland, this video-performance is a lyrical portrayal of a female figure in a cyclical state of sleeping and stirring upon a large mossy boulder within the boreal forest.  She embodies an ancestral personification of this northern landscape, its mysteries told in countless poems of ancient Finnish Karelia. Excerpts from the Finnish epic poem, The Kalevala, pertaining to stone and rock are re-ordered and chanted in English and Finnish throughout the piece.   DV-SD/4:3