- George Caleb Bingham Gallery, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. USA


- Burgundy International Festival of Video Dance, Burgundy, France
- Numéridanse.TV (Maison de la Danse, Lyon), France
- ARTE Creative TV, France


3:30 minute excerpt from Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring"
Director, Performer & Post-Production: Cherie Sampson

Music by Igor Stravinsky & Performed & mixed by Jay Bacal
Additional engineering and mastering by Dietz Tinhof / VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library)

A project created for the the collective collage project "Sacri/lège(s)", initiated by Body Cinéma/International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy, Marisa Hayes & Franck Boulègue, co-directeurs.

This segment by Cherie Sampson for the Video Dance Festival of Burgundy video-collage project was shot in an apple orchard in the spring in the peak of the bloom and during the quiet of winter on Twelfth Night. It juxtaposes phrases from an invocatory piece meaning ‘ blossom’ in south Indian classical dance with shots of an improvisational dance around a tree at night in the orchard by torch and firelight. The play of the formal and the spirited as well as liveliness and death, light/day and darkness/night set the atmosphere for the shifting character tenuously representing ‘The Chosen One.’   HDV/16:9/NTSC