• Joensuu Päivä, Carelicum Museum (Museum of North Karelia), Joensuu, Finland. 2012
  • Recession Rejuvenations, Summer exhibition, Bruno David Gallery, St. Louis, MO, USA. 2010
  • On Becoming II (w/ Gillian Brown) UNI Gallery of Art, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA. 2009

This piece is a meditation on the changing environment of Lake Mekri in Karelian Finland. During the peak of the perpetual summer sun, footage of the reflection of a small island offshore was collected every day for 21 days as wind currents and the sky changed at all times of day and night from a single vantage point. Cropping the island itself out of the shot, what remained was constantly shifting intersections of horizontal and vertical line and form in the water, creating subtle and sensuous visual abstractions. The scenes, alone and edited together, become a series of moving image color fields born of variegated light and air. The reflections were no less illusory than the island itself from my point of view from the shore - object and reflection were unified in their reality as pure image without physicality.    HDV/16:9